About us

Having a tradition since 1952, "Mlekara AD Bitola" (Joint Stock Company for Dairy Product Production- Bitola) is today the largest producer of milk and dairy products in the Republic Macedonia, meeting the daily needs of more than a million customers.

The customers themselves are the focus of the business strategy of the company. From their needs and desires all business processes and activities begin in relation to the development, modernization and standardization of production.

Our history

At the farmstead “Lepusnica” in Glogonjski Rit, the first manual dairy farm was established, practically forming the dairy industry Imlek. About 800 cows provided between three and five thousand liters of milk, which in metal cans, on horse drawn carriages and tractors, were sent to the Belgrade market.


UNICEF grants a pasteurization and bottling line for 30 000 liters of milk a day.


Production surpasses 21 million liters a year.


An integration of the Gradskog Mlekarstva Beograd to Imlek is carried out. The Imlek system is joined by dairy farms from Kraljevo, Pozarevac, Gornji Milanovac, Velika Plana, Sid and Belgrade.


In Imlek’s facilities, 140-160 million liters of milk are processed.


AD Imlek passes to be under the ownership of the Salford investment fund. Investments in the production equipment further increase the quality of milk and the production capacities.


AD Imlek buys Bimilk in Bitola, the biggest dairy farm in Macedonia. After acquiring it, it invests 38 million euros in it.


Mlijekoprodukt from Kozarska Dubica becomes part of the Imlek group. After its integration with Imlek, the company starts to rapidly develop and fortify its status as the biggest milk processor and one of the leaders on the milk and dairy products market in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


An agreement is signed in which Mid Europa Partners, the biggest investment fund in Central and East Europe, acquires Imlek. The Fund also buys all the dairy farms which, as part of Imlek, conduct their business in Macedonia, Republika Srpska and Montenegro. With capital investments, the market position and the leading brands are additionally strengthened.


Environmental Protection

Protecting the environment is the foundation for healthy living and at the same time basic obligation of every individual, company or social community. "Mlekara AD Bitola" as a socially responsible company, highly values the systems that provide a cleaner and healthier environment, and their consistent implementation is its top priority.

Hence, in 2012 the company received the certificate for the system on management of the environmental protection according to ISO 14001: 2004, which has been continuously improved and maintained. This certification is the result of many years of consistent implementation of the policy of quality, food safety, environmental protection and health, safety at the workplace and objectives of the management systems.
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Social Responsibility

The contribution of "Mlekara AD Bitola" to the welfare of the community is an important part of our corporate strategy. As a socially responsible company, "Mlekara AD Bitola" cares to offer customers not only high quality but also to take a step further towards improving their living conditions in society by helping sports, culture, education of young people and sincere solidarity to those groups of people most in need of assistance.

Thus, when in 2014 and 2015 our country and the countries of the region were affected by flooding, "Mlekara AD Bitola" was among the first companies that were actively involved in helping people through cash donations and donations in products. Despite these events, where assistance is urgently needed, the company continually uses all possibilities to help and support charity organizations, public kitchens, the Red Cross and the Children's Embassy "Megjashi". Numerous awards and acknowledgments awarded to "Mlekara AD Bitola" are just a reminder of the f...
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Mission and Vision


Providing consumers with healthy, tasty and nutritious products in order to raise the level of awareness about the necessity of a healthy and balanced diet.


Expansion into a company with strong and recognized European brands that will rouse the needs and desires of consumers, primarily for healthy food and a healthy lifestyle.
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Distribution Centers

DC Bitola

Dolnoorizarski pat bb 66


Т:  +389 47 226 380

Ф: +389 47 237 073

E-mail: info@bimilk.mk

DC Skopje

Municipality of Petrovec bb


Т: +389 2 256 1990

   +389 2 256 1222

   +389 2 256 1333

E-mail: dcskopje@bimilk.mk

DC Kochani (Top Bazar)

Shtipski pat bb


Т: +389 33 276 800

E-mail: bazar@t-home.mk

DC Strumica (Eko Frizer)

Kliment Ohridski No.208


Т: +389 34 327 322

E-mail: ekofrizer@yahoo.com

DC Ohrid (Div)

Rashanec bb, v.Leskoec


Т: +389 46 231 055

E-mail: dooeldiv@yahoo.com

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Moja Kravica Junior 250ml

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Moja Kravica Junior 250ml

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